Top 5 Largest Shopping Malls of the World

By Jon Nicholas, The Info Dose Author

Shopping malls have now become the necessity of the big cities. The metropolitan cities are now known with their shopping malls. For last few years or so, the trend of launching shopping malls in the big cities of every country has oozed out and the entire world is now following it. The boom of retail business is also the reason. But the fact of the matter is that masses love shopping malls. Heavy investments are made on constructing the shopping malls and the investors behind this business then start churning out whopping amount of money. In short, it is a big business which keeps spinning money.

Besides the factor of lucrative business, shopping malls add sparkles to the beauty of the city and travelers get attractedand come to visit them. These days, shopping malls are the part of the society and have turned out to be social areas which endow the people with various kinds of services like restaurants, multiplexes, skating rings and many other things apart from the shopping outlets under one building.

The shopping malls are in giant size. Once you enter into, you feel like you have entered into some lavish glittering place which is never ending. Your legs get tired but the area of the mall never ends.

Asia has emerged as the leading continent with the biggest shopping malls in recent years. The world’s biggest shopping malls exist in Asian territories.

In this post, world’s top five largest shopping malls will be discussed.

New South China Shopping Mall

It is called the world’s largest shopping mall because of the area it covers. Launched in 2005, New South China Shopping Mall is situated in the City of Dongguan. The shopping mall covers 7,100,000 square feet space. The interesting thing about the mall is that it is divided into different districts. Other interesting thing is that each of these districts carries specific theme.

Dubai Shopping Mall

Dubai Mall or Mall of Dubai or Dubai Shopping Mall is considered to be the world’s biggest and classiest shopping mall. Dubai is already famous for its endless amount of giant sized shopping centers and malls. In the city when you start exploring, you come across the biggest shopping malls situated in almost every corner of the roads. These shopping malls consist of shops, eateries, cinemas and many other things under one roof which attract the visitors. Every year, whopping amount of travelers come from different parts of the world to shop at the shopping malls of Dubai.

Dubai Mall covers twelve million square feet of area and features more than 1200 shopping outlets. People walk around the mall and do window shopping. More than 220 gold shops are there in the mall also. The world’s biggest aquarium is also there which has almost all kinds of marine life. It also has residential area for the travelers. The largest 3D cinema attracts the people. Dubai Shopping Mall has been recorded into Guinness Book of World Records because of its being the largest shopping mall in the world.

Golden Resources Mall

Another biggest shopping mall in the world is situated in China. It features more than one thousand shopping outlets full of merchandise. The area, the mall covers, is 7.3 million square feet. The mall is located outside the center of city in Beijing which is why the foreign travelers hardly go there. But since China is the world’s largest county in terms of population, the mall gets its biggest sale.

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is in Canada. It is called the biggest shopping mall of North America. Launched way back in 1981, the mall’s interesting thing is that in addition to shopping outlets it also carries wave pool, various kinds of restaurants and hotel. Every year, West Edmonton Mall receives more than twenty eight million visitors. More than 23,000 employees work at the mall. In addition to selling the merchandise, the shopping mall endows the visitors with recreational facilities also.

SM Mall of Asia

Situated in Philippines, SM Mall of Asia is the fifth largest shopping mall of the world. Started working in 2006, the mall features the shopping outlets, eateries, many cinemas, science discovery center and ice-skating ring. It covers around 407,000 square meters area. It is a place where the people can enjoy every kind of recreational activity apart from the basic purpose of shopping.

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